Paleo? Vegan? Gluten Free? Lactose free? Sugar Free? No problem!

I scream! You scream! We all scream for… ICE CREAM! Who doesn’t love the stuff? Last year we ate A LOT of ice cream on February 18th, but had a few folks who wanted to participate but couldn’t eat it due to dietary restrictions. This event is really all about supporting some pretty incredible kidsContinue reading “Paleo? Vegan? Gluten Free? Lactose free? Sugar Free? No problem!”

Beyond a 13th Birthday

There are now people literally around the world who are going to join us in eating ice cream to honor, cheer on and remember all the childhood cancer warriors they know. I see the gratefulness of parents and grandparents on line who feel loved and supported in that fight or in their grief, and it is mind blowing. It means so much to them to be remembered. To be acknowledged. To feel loved. Who knew ice cream could do all that?

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Malia Grace is a little girl who will be celebrating her 13th birthday in Heaven tomorrow, February 18th. Malia battled pediatric cancer and passed away a few years ago. One thing she LOVED was having ice cream for breakfast and her family remembered her each year on her birthday by doing just that. Now YOU and your family are invited to do the same thing! Just eat ice cream for breakfast in memory of Malia Grace and all those children who are battling cancer, surviving cancer or resting in Heaven with their Savior.

KTIS Radio Interview with Malia’s Mom

KTIS 98.5 did a story on our girl to let the Twin Cities Area know about Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.  They interviewed Malia’s Mom, Annette.  Malia loved KTIS and would regularly belt out all the songs she knew by heart driving to and from chemo, radiation and countless doctors appointments during her cancerContinue reading “KTIS Radio Interview with Malia’s Mom”