We want to use this day to cultivate awareness, gratefulness, and community.

Awareness that childhood cancer is not rare. Approximately 1 in 285 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer before their 20th birthday.

Awareness that before cancer entered their lives, all of the kids and young people we share were just living their lives – going to little league practice, doing their homework and fighting with their siblings.

Gratefulness that kids DO survive, they do fight and win. In fact, in developed countries, 80% of kids will go onto fight another day. And for those who don’t, we still feel grateful that we got to know them, love them and be a witness to their life.

Lastly, we wanted to build community. Having a child with cancer is so isolating. And to know that there are friends, family and so many others who acknowledge that fight, gratefulness, awareness helps them feel less alone.

And this is precisely what happens when the same people show up virtually year after year. A community forms around this simple idea, #kidsgetcancertoo.

If this will be your first time or your eighth time eating with us… THANK YOU for being a part of our community. ❤️

I see the gratefulness of parents and grandparents on line who feel loved and supported in that fight or in their grief, and it is mind blowing. It means so much to them to be remembered.  To be acknowledged.  To feel loved.  Who knew ice cream could do all that?


I had no idea (that so many children have cancer). It was a bit of a shock and I teared up a lot reading all the posts with the pictures. …I’m grateful for this day that I have been made aware of the numbers.

It was a reminder of how many kids are affected by cancer! makes me appreciate my girls and thankful for each day I get do do silly things like eat ice cream for breakfast!

So many other cancers are very public but childhood cancer is not. We love that this is fun, easy, supportive, and mostly it brings awareness!


We ate ice cream because we are glad my daughter can. (Two years in remission)

Another reason to celebrate life. A lot of amazing kids were lost too soon. There are still so many fighting.


It meant a huge amount to me that I could post a picture of my precious daughter and have her fight recognized by others. I hadn’t expected to feel like that.

We were all at our own breakfast tables but united in support for those that have an empty space at their table.

Seeing support of friends and family eating ice cream and celebrating with our girl was amazing. I got teary eyed seeing all the posts.

It meant that our Angels are never forgotten and that the fighters have backup.

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