The Best Mini Microwave in 2020

Microwaves are quite a versatile appliance. You can find them of all sizes. Some are big and are built into your kitchen. Meanwhile, you have the smaller ones that go on a counter or other service area. Let’s face it: with a microwave oven, you don’t need anything too big or fancy. You’re usually not cooking a five-star meal in one, especially if you’re living in a dorm or small apartment.

With that said, which small microwaves are the best? Let’s find out.

First, Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Mini Microwave

There are several factors we looked at when deciding what is the best microwave.

First, the size. Mini microwaves should fit on a counter top, but they come in different sizes. We made sure these are compact enough for the job.

Second, we looked at features. All microwaves have one basic function: to cook or reheat food. However, some have some features such as being easy to clean, preset options, or other quality of life features.

Then we looked at reviews. We looked for products that have an overall positive score on Amazon. Obviously, there are going to be some negative reviews, as some people may get duds, but the overall score had to be 4 stars or higher.

#1: BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 (Best Value – All-Purpose)

When you’re looking for a compact microwave, this is the first model to look at. Black+Decker always delivers with quality products, and their line of microwaves is no exception.

The reason this microwave is #1 on this list is that it has what most people are looking for. It’s a microwave that is small, yet it can hold most of your foods. It’s not too expensive, but not one that is so cheap you worry about it exploding on you.

Anyway, this microwave has everything you expect. 10 power settings, a timer, 700 watts, pre-programmed buttons for cooking certain foods, the list goes on. It’s the best microwave, small or otherwise, for most people. Reviews have been positive, with most people saying that this is a small, yet powerful microwave. Negative reviews mostly center around people getting duds, which may happen with any electric product.

One reviewer said the buttons are hard to read, but commenters claim he didn’t peel back the plastic film on the control panel. You decide on that one.

#2: Toshiba EM131A5C-SS  (Best Machine)

When it comes to compact microwaves, some people want one that is cheap and gets the job done, and that’s respectable. However, what if you want a small, yet powerful microwave? If your budget is higher, this may be the best microwave for the job.

First, let’s talk about its lovely design. It has that stainless steel aesthetic, which works well with most kitchens. It also has everything you’d expect from a microwave, including 1,100 watts of power.

So, what features does it have that many do not? First, this microwave oven is easier to clean than most. Dirty microwaves are always a pain to scrub, but this one just needs a few wipes and it’s as good as new. Another feature it has is a power-saving mode for the electrically conscious.

One unique feature is the ability to mute it. Does that loud beeping annoy you? Do you always rush to turn off the microwave oven at the last second? Then get this microwave. You can mute it by holding down 8 for a few seconds.

Reviews have been positive. Most say that it’s a great microwave for the size, and it offers some great features. One noticeable criticism is that some people say that it’s a little too powerful, and it burns foods even if you hit the preset button. Unfortunately, most microwaves have a bit of trial and error to them as you figure out what the best time for a nice, even cook is.

#3: COMFEE Microwave (Best Retro Design)

One type of appliance that has become popular lately is the retro-style appliance. These appliances combine the aesthetic of 50 years ago with the convenience of today. If this sounds appealing to you, then this is for you. It’s a cute microwave that goes well on the counter top.

It includes 10 power levels, a timer, an LED display, an intuitive control panel, and a turntable that keeps moving even when your food is done, meaning the food will be easier to take out. Overall, it’s quite a nice small microwave, and not just for its appearance.

Reviews have been quite positive. Most say this is a competent microwave that gets the job done. Most negative reviews center around people getting a defective unit. One reviewer said the microwave was too small. Good thing this post is about mini microwaves!

#4: AmazonBasics Microwave (Best Low Cost)

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There really is an AmazonBasics product for everything nowadays, isn’t there? At first glance, this small microwave doesn’t appear to have anything too interesting about it. It has your defrost features, 10 power levels, a timer, a child lock, and pretty much everything you’d expect from a microwave.

However, being an Amazon product, it does have Alexa compatibility. Using your Echo (which you can buy bundled with this microwave) you can tell it what to do and even reorder food. You can even save 10 percent off ordering popcorn if you’re a lover of microwave popcorn.

Overall, it’s a pretty cool microwave for the price. Reviews are mostly positive, with many saying it’s a decent enough microwave for the price and its voice-activated features are worth the price. However, being a cheaper microwave, there are complaints about the microwave not heating food evenly or overheating. For the price, however, it may be worth it.

#5: Commercial Chef Counter Top (Smallest microwave)

Being an article about mini microwaves, we obviously have to include one of the smallest microwaves we could find. (On Amazon, anyway. Whirlpool has a 0.5 cubic feet unit. )At 0.6 cubic feet and 600 watts, this is quite small.

One feature this one has is that it’s a traditional dial microwave. No fancy buttons or presets. Just two dials that control the time and power. Some people may want a microwave that can do more, but others like it simple. After all, it’s never gourmet cooking in the microwave!

Reviews have been quite positive, with many saying it’s simple and easy to use, while not taking up too much space. One reviewer did say the microwave was a little too underpowered, but we aren’t sure if they bought a dud or not.

What About the Cheapies? Our Best Products Under $X

While cheap microwaves can be unreliable, they can be good as a temporary measure. Here are some of the cheapest microwaves.

#1 Best Under $60:Hamilton Beach

This microwave you can get at Walmart and similar stores. It’s your basic microwave and it’s small at 0.9 cubic feet. Hamilton Beach is a competent appliance maker, so check it out.

#2 Best Under $50: Frigidare

This one is 0.7 cubic feet and it has decent reviews. Again, it’s your basic microwave with nothing too fancy, but if you want to reheat that slice of pizza as a midnight snack, this will serve you just fine.

#3 Best Under $40: Mainstays

This is another microwave that works just fine if you need a starter microwave for your dorm or apartment. It does its job well, it has decent reviews, and it’s all for a good price. Check it out.

What is the smallest size microwave?

As of this article, the smallest one we could find was 0.5 cubic feet. With any microwave, they can be compact, but they still have to be big enough to heat your food. With a smaller microwave, you may have to use smaller quantities of food on smaller plates, so remember that.

Can you get a 12v Microwave?

12v microwaves are great for camping, trucking, or any other travel need. There are specialty microwaves, such as the Wave Box, that are 12 volts, but they aren’t too widespread as of yet.

What size microwave fits a dinnerplate?

The size of the microwave does not necessarily mean it will fit a dinner plate, as some microwaves may have a bigger or smaller interior. Also, consider the size of the plate. Your best bet is to measure the dimensions of the turntable in the microwave and compare it to your plate. This can allow you to figure out if it’ll fit.

Verdict: Your Best Mini Microwave 

We are done with the best mini microwaves on this list. After doing so much research, we feel as cooked as your dinner when you accidentally hit the 0 button one too many times. Anyway, if you’ve read this far, let’s summarize the top 5 again.

First, there’s the BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7. If you need a compact microwave that can do it all and is a balance between value and quality, this is the one for you. It has decent power, plenty of quality of life features, and a fair price.

Second, we have the Toshiba EM131A5C-SS. This is a good microwave if you have more money to spend. It’s powerful, has a sleek steel design, and it is easy to clean as well. If you’re looking for that perfect compact microwave, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Third, there’s the COMFEE Microwave. This is a microwave that looks like something from the 1960s, but it has all the conveniences for 2020 living. It’s affordable, yet powerful. Check it out.

Fourth, we have the AmazonBasics Microwave. What makes this microwave unique, besides its affordability, is its Alexa integration. While the microwave portion is a little more mixed, it’s still a good budget microwave.

Finally, there’s the Commercial Chef Countertop. This is the smallest on the list, and it’s the simplest as well. It doesn’t have 100 buttons for you to mess around with, but instead two dials. Easy peasy.

And there you are. Whether you’re moving into a new dorm or apartment, or you just want to get a smaller microwave, these are for you. We hope you have found the best microwave for those 1:00 AM cravings.

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