2016: We had 75 childhood cancer kids & families share their story & almost 200,000 folks see, post, share or ate with us and though about kids with cancer & their families.

2015:  Along with our featured kids, we went viral and had 83 nations, and over 100 cancer kids, 6,000 adults join us.  And from our facebook page alone, 147,057 people heard that kids get cancer too  + MANY more on twitter and elsewhere.

2014: Someone suggested that eating ice cream for breakfast, become a national holiday & honor all children who have battled childhood cancer*.  So on a whim, a graphic was made and shared.  Within days, it went viral and over 1,600 people from 12 nations joined in, 55 cancer kids and their families were honored and over 85,000 people heard the message that kids get cancer too.

2013: About 50 close friends and family celebrated the life of Malia, by eating ice cream for breakfast. In the creative style of her spirit, people sent silly, crazy & smiling pictures from Malls, drive-thru’s, kitchen tables, couches and cars.

**We want this day to be all about childhood cancer awareness, so we don’t fund-raise or promote other sites or cancer resources, or promote adult cancer awareness or other special needs.  Those are all wonderful things, but this day is all about fun, ice cream and awareness.