Simone is Resting

On February 18th, eat a scoop or two of ice cream for breakfast to remember Simone, because kids get cancer too.

At just over two years old, Simone was the happiest, strongest most inspiring little person her mom has ever known.  Her family just loved being together. And one of their favorite activities was eating ice cream or frozen yogurt out together. It was Simone’s favorite food by far!

Simone is Resting
Simone is Resting

Simone was diagnosed with Infant Leukemia at 10.5 months old. She fought with grace and with strength. She took chemo with a smile and despite all she went through she managed to make others smile too!  Unfortunately for all of us, she lost her fight on September 18, 2015, not from the cancer but from the horrific effects of chemotherapy on her little body.  She was 26 months old.

From her Mom:  Simone will forever be missed, loved and remembered. We will continue to fight and raise money for the kids who are still fighting and promise to keep Simone’s memory and spirit alive by continuing to fight for other kids with cancer.

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