Asher is Celebrating

On February 18th, eat a scoop or two of ice cream for breakfast to party on & celebrate with Asher, because kids get cancer too.

Asher John is 2 and the most loving, smart, energetic and brave superman you will ever meet. One of Ashers favorite things to do is dance and as the youngest of 10 he gets to do a lot of that! In our family there is 6 boy 4 girls. There is never a shortage of love and fun in our household.

Asher is Celebrating
Asher is Celebrating

Asher was diagnosed with leukemia AML on November 3rd 2014. That day will forever mark a special place in all of our hearts that was the day that we realize that we have to be Team-Asher Strong.  Asher was in-patient for about eight and a half months. He is now in remission and we are so thankful.

Between heart surgery at 3mos and cancer at under 1 year old, Asher has spent 90% of his life and a hospital, but you can’t tell from the joy of this heart.  Cancer has been just another hurdle in his life that he took on with Joy in his heart and a smile on his face.

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