Addy Jo is Fighting

On February 18th, eat a scoop or two of ice cream for breakfast to support Addy Jo, because kids get cancer too.

Addy Jo is a spunky three year old little girl.  Addy has an older brother and as a family they love to go on trips, especially to the beach!  Three going on thirteen, she has all the attitude and joy to kick cancer in the butt again!

Addy Jo is Fighting
Addy Jo is Fighting

Addy was diagnosed on 8/26/14 with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, she flew through treatment and went into remission after only chemo. One year off treatment, 1/14/16, Addy was diagnosed with relapsed AML. She is currently fighting with all the grace a 3 year old princess does.  Once again we’re fighting this beast, but she will kick cancer in the butt (again) because she is one amazing, strong and beautiful little girl.

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