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We want to support, remember & party on with just as many childhood cancer kids and their families as we can.  And we need your help.

We have a budget of zero, limited connections & lots of heart.

If you’d like to help – here’s how:  Share our 2017 Promotional Materials!

Ask your local ice cream shop to get involved & share the event.

Let your local children’s oncology unit know about the day, so that they can tell their patients & provide ice cream for the unit.

Invite others to get involved & spread the word.  Including:  your child’s school, local newspapers, sports teams, blog owners, your co-workers, celebrities, musicians, sports players, radio personalities, TV hosts, news anchors, managers of Facebook groups, forums or Listserves.

Post the event on social media & tell your friends, family, Facebook groups, Twitter & Pinterest followers that you’ll be participating and why they should too.