Thank you!!

February 18th was a day filled up with great kids and yummy ice cream beyond words. Wasn’t it an incredible experience? We pray it touched you in deep places and moved your heart. As we managed each picture that came in today we celebrated, smiled, laughed, cried ugly tears, and ate way too much ice cream. Our fingers are numb and our bums are sore, and our hearts are very, very full.

We are thankful for all 75 AMAZING KIDS and their warrior families who let us get a glimpse into their cancer experience and their beautiful hearts. Because of your involvement the world is hearing the message that kids get cancer too. Thanks to all of you for eating ice cream to encourage them and help infuse some smiles into their stories. Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast may not cure cancer or change the world, but it does give us all a reason to have a little fun together, to share some compassion and to inspire people into action. Having the fight of our children acknowledged and the grief and struggle seen means so much. For every picture you posted, comment you left and “like” you clicked you gave us some much needed encouragement. Thank you so much… for all of it!


Lastly a huge THANK YOU to Malia’s auntie Alisa for bringing this all together into what it has become. She handles all the technical stuff, and does it with much passion and great love, on a budget of zero and very little sleep. My husband and I act as support staff, and are so proud of what Malia’s original little birthday party has become. We do it all for you and you do it for us, and we all get to know some really incredible kids through it all. Hope you join us again next year! Same day. Same place. God bless.

~Malia’s Family

Forest Lake Times: Family promotes eating ice cream for breakfast in honor of young daughter

Forest Lake Times Story -  2.16.15

Forest Lake Times Story – 2.16.15

What began as one Forest Lake family’s effort to honor the daughter they lost to cancer at age 9 has turned into a worldwide phenomenon dedicated to all children with cancer. Feb. 18 has been deemed “Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day” in honor of the spunky spirit of Scandia Elementary student Malia Peterson, who died in 2010 after a 14-month battle with kidney cancer. The event was first celebrated in 2013.

“We wanted to honor our daughter on her birthday, but we weren’t emotionally ready for an actual party,” Annette Peterson, Malia’s mother, said. “We came up with the idea of an online party where we would ask close friends and family to photograph themselves eating ice cream for breakfast and upload it to our Facebook event page for Malia.  (read more)

Calling ice-cream loving cancer kids (and their parents)!

International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is February 18. We honor all children who have fought or who are fighting a battle with cancer, because kids get cancer too.Today, we want to open up Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day to other cancer kids and their families.  To “take back one day” from all of the hard days of childhood cancer and choose to celebrate the everyday joy of our children with family and friends!

In remembrance, support or celebration – we’d love to have your family join ours for this event and make it your own.

Want to take back one day?  Find out how!!!

*If you are not a cancer kid, mom or dad, you can also be involved!  Get Involved & stay tuned for more information as we get closer to February 18th.

Love the Love!

Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day - Childhood Cancer AwarenessI was doing a search today about Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day and found this gem from 2014 – we LOVE it when you share about this day!  We invite you to spread the word as well!

Just heard about the Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day today.   It is in honor of a little girl who died of cancer and is celebrating her 13th birthday today in heaven.  The day helps to remember the kids fighting cancer or those who lost the fight and are in heaven.    

Here is an article and link to Facebook site:  Malia Grace is a little girl who will be celebrating her 13th birthday in Heaven tomorrow, February 18th. Malia battled pediatric cancer and passed away  a few years ago. One thing she LOVED was having ice cream for breakfast and her family remembered her each year on her birthday by doing just that. Now YOU and your family are invited to do the same thing! Just eat ice cream for breakfast in memory of Malia Grace and all those children who are battling cancer, surviving cancer or resting in Heaven with their Savior. Be sure to like Malia Grace’s Facebook page, invite your friends to do the same and post a pic on Malia’s page.

So, eat ice cream for breakfast today…….and give your kids an extra hug and love!

Learn how to spread the word about this day.

Beyond a 13th Birthday

Excerpt re-posted from Beyond “it”, a blog  written by Malia’s Mom Annette, about moving beyond the things in her life that get in the way of becoming what God has asked her to be. “It” will be fear, grief, anger, and confusion… but “it” can be a lot of other things too. In this process of moving beyond “it”, there will be many past memories to share & many new adventures to explore together.

Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast - Childhood Cancer Awareness

My Malia Grace is celebrating her 13th birthday in heaven this next Tuesday, February 18th. As a family we wanted to do something to commemorate the day.  Birthdays, anniversaries of diagnosis, entering hospice, and of the day she entered heaven are all crazy hard, crazy strange days.  The first couple years after her passing it seemed wrong to let the days just slip by quietly, but we struggled how to celebrate when our hearts were broken into a million pieces.  Last year we solved the dilemma for her birthday. Malia LOVED ice cream and we had made an amazing family memory at the end of her earthly life eating ice cream for breakfast together while on her Make-A-Wish trip in Florida. 
So we built on that memory and invited about 50 of our closest family and friends to join us in a virtual birthday party on Facebook.  They took pictures of themselves eating ice cream for breakfast and then posted the pictures on my Facebook page.  In the creative style of Malia’s spirit people sent pictures from Malls, drive-thru’s, kitchen tables, couches and cars.  They took pictures of their cats getting a sweet lick or two.  They were silly and crazy and smiling and laughing in every single picture, and as I sat in front of our computer screen at home the tears fell.  I wept for the loss of our time with Malia.  I wept for the joy of knowing her celebration in heaven was outdoing ours by a long shot. I wept because I felt so very deeply loved though all of those pictures.  It got our family through the day with a lot of laughter mixed with those tears and gave us something to look forward to all day as the pictures kept coming in. All day my other two daughters would say, “Let’s check the computer again, Mom!”. Afterwards my sister made a collage in the shape of a heart out of all those pictures. It’s now a treasured memory tucked away in the deepest part of my heart. 
So this year we thought, Hey! Let’s open it up for all of our friends to participate if they chose to. So I sent the invite to my entire friends list on Facebook. Malia’s uncle Scott is a big thinker with a creative flare and gigantic heart. Half jokingly he posted that Malia’s birthday was a National Holiday and invited everyone he knew to join the “ice cream for breakfast” party.  My sister thought a National holiday was a great idea and a great way to bring awareness and support to childhood cancer warriors and the families that love them.  She made a poster to plaster all over Facebook… and it has taken on a life of it’s own.  In just 24 hours that poster has been shared over 1,200 times and one site alone has over 600 “likes” on the post, another over 300 “likes” and it’s growing exponentially.  It has already gone viral into more than 6 countries!  So… now it’s an “International ice cream for breakfast” party!  
For those close to us- it’s still about celebrating Malia’s birthday, but in grand Malia style it’s become so much bigger than our little family.  There are now people literally around the world who are going to join us in eating ice cream to honor, cheer on and remember all the childhood cancer warriors they know. 
I see the gratefulness of parents and grandparents on line who feel loved and supported in that fight or in their grief, and it is mind blowing. It means so much to them to be remembered.  To be acknowledged.  To feel loved.  Who knew ice cream could do all that?
After last year- I did.  And I’m thinking it’s a pretty great birthday present for Malia if she knew the impact of her birthday party gone wild.  She would think this is AWESOME!

Remembering Malia Grace Peterson — Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!


Remembering Malia Grace Peterson — Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!

Minnesota Connected, February 20, 2014 by Deb Olson

You have eggs and bacon for breakfast when there’s time. There are frozen pancakes, sans syrup, for the kids to eat in the car on the way to school. Greek yogurt and granola, when you’re dieting. Or, simply, Cheerios. Regardless, it’s the most important meal of the day. It boosts your metabolism and provides energy. So, ice cream?!  (read more)