2020 Promo Materials

At Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, we want to support, remember & party on with just as many childhood cancer kids and their families as we can. And we need your help.

2017 Promotional Materials

Below are some promotional materials that you are free to use. You can also use any text from our website or video’s from our Facebook page. Keep in mind as you share that we want this day to be all about childhood cancer awareness, so we don’t fund-raise or promote other sites or cancer resources, orContinue reading “2017 Promotional Materials”

2016 News Coverage

MSN & WCCO – Forest Lake Family’s ‘Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day’ Honors Daughter.  This morning we are giving you permission to eat ice cream for breakfast. It’s part of a social media campaign started by a Forest Lake family who lost their daughter to cancer… and wants other families facing childhood cancer toContinue reading “2016 News Coverage”

2016 Promotional Materials

In case you’d like to “pound the pavement” along with us to get the word out about Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast day, here is a printable flyer.  You can use this to reach out to businesses, local oncology units or any other way you’d like to.  And as always let us know if there isContinue reading “2016 Promotional Materials”