The Best Electric Knife Sharpener in 2020

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to chop some veggies and realizing your knife is a little dull. Okay, there are more frustrating things in life, but we can’t deny how annoying that can be. A knife sharpener is what can fix your issue, but many of them are a pain to use. An electric knife sharpener helps to automate the sharpening process and it can give you that perfect sharpness every time.

With an electric sharpening tool, it’s mainly for knives that need a do-over. For a quick job, you may be better off with a manual, which is cheap. However, if you have plenty of knives and you are always using them, a good sharpener can go far.

But which electric knife sharpeners are worth getting? Let’s discuss this.

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First Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Electric Knife Sharpener

When looking for the best, there are several factors we considered. How easy is it to use? How long does it take to get your knife as sharp as you need it to be? What other bells and whistles does the knife sharpener bring to the table? Finally, how are the reviews? These are some of the considerations we have made.

#1: Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener (Best Value – All-Purpose)

When choosing the number one product, we always pick one that is the perfect balance between budget and indulgence. This sharpener fits that quite well, and most people who need to sharpen some knives should find that this is one of the best electric knife sharpeners for the job.

It has a 3-stage sharpening system, giving you a wide variety of kitchen knives and other knives to take through the sharpening process. You can select how thick the blade is, which means you get the best electric knife sharpening experience every time. For blades that are thick, such as hunting knives, you go to the thickest level. Meanwhile, paring knives work well at a thin level.

One annoying aspect of some knife sharpeners is that you have to do some guesswork, and sometimes, you may mess it up. This electric knife sharpener guides your blade to cut at the perfect angle. When you see your sharp knife, you’ll feel like a five-star chef.

Reviews of this electric knife sharpener have been quite positive, with most people saying that it sharpened their kitchen knives and other goods with ease. There have been a few criticisms centered around it not staying on the counter or the fact that it leaves some dust behind, but those criticisms were in the minority.

Overall, this is the best electric knife sharpener for most needs. For those who are looking for a knife sharpener that’s flexible, abrasive, and top quality, this is one of the best ones to start off with. However, if you’re someone who wants the highest quality product, which is the best for the job?

#2: Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV (Best Machine)

The Trizor XV is the knife sharpener you want to purchase if you’re going to be using your knives a lot and you need a top-quality product for the job. This electric knife sharpener costs around three times as much as the last one if you’re getting the three-stage version, but it’s worth it. Chef’s Choice is known for its quality products.

One of the features of the Trizor XV that sets this apart from much of the competition is its diamond abrasives. Diamond abrasives are perfect for blades that are serrated blades or straight edge. The diamond abrasives have a decibel noise level between 65-75. Think of a loud conversation or a restaurant.

Besides the diamond abrasives, this is the best electric knife sharpener if you have money because it’s so automated. It’s even simpler to adjust the knife when you’re cutting it, meaning that you’ll get that perfect cut every time.

It’s a three stage electric knife sharpener as well. The first two stages are diamond abrasives, while the third stage helps to polish serrated knives. In addition, you can buy a two stage one that just has one diamond abrasives stage and one polishing stage.

Reviews of this electric knife sharpener have been quite positive. Most customers say that it will make your knives extremely sharp without much effort on your end. If you’re hardcore about using your knives, this is one of the best electric knife sharpeners for the job. Some reviewers say that the knife sharpener scratched their knife, but there are many who commented that if you read the manual carefully, you should not have any problems.

In conclusion, the Chef’s Choice Trizor XV is, well, the chef’s choice. It’s easy to use, has a great sharpening angle, and gets you that perfect cut every time. If you want a high quality knife sharpener, this one has you covered. With that said, not everyone is ready to pay that price, and that’s okay as well.

You don’t always need the most expensive one, even if you are on a budget. If you just need to casually make your knives go through the sharpening process, you may consider a cheaper one. With that said, the next one is also good for a budget.

#3: Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition (Best Workbench Electric Knife Sharpener)

Most electric knife sharpeners on this list are designed for the kitchen. You could see any of these resting on the kitchen counter, maybe next to the cutting board. However, if you have a workbench and like to use tools there, this Work Sharp knife sharpener goes well with that.

This electric knife sharpener uses a motor with variable speeds. It can grind, hone, go slow, fast, and do anything else you need. It can go at speeds from 1,200 to 2,800, and you can control the speed. Its sharpening guide can go from 15-30 degrees as well.

Another feature of this electric knife sharpener is the belts it uses. They are flexible, abrasive, and 6000 grit. Whether you’re sharpening your knives to hunt, or you need to give your kitchen knives some sharpening, the Work Sharp is one of the best electric knife sharpeners for the job.

Reviews of this electric sharpener have been quite positive. The reviews are similar to the previous electric knife sharpener, where the positive reviewers say that it gets your knives sharp and it’s easy to use. In fact, many people get addicted to it. The negative reviews claim the Work Sharp messed their knives up, but commenters of the reviews tell you to RTFM and you should be fine.

Another interesting tidbit about this electric sharpener is that it is available in original or frustration-free packaging, both for the same price. Frustration-free means the product is in a generic, recyclable box that is easier to open, while the original comes in the packaging you’d expect from a store.

This is the knives sharpener that works well for those who have a workbench in their garage or toolshed. It will look a little tacky in your kitchen, and this is meant to sharpen other tools besides knives. However, if you have a wide variety of tools, this baby is packed with features and is one of the best for the job.

Of course, while having one of the best electric knife sharpeners for the job is always fun, what if you just want a cheap electric knife sharpener? This leads us to the next one on this list.

#4: Edgekeeper (Best Low Cost)

A non-electric knife sharpener is quite cheap, while the electric knife sharpener will cost more. However, this one is more affordable than the others if you’re on a budget, and it may be the best electric knife sharpener for the job if you don’t have much to spend.

This sharpener is not three stage, but instead two stage. A two stage electric sharpener can still be high quality, and this one is no different. It also positions your kitchen knives for the perfect angle. In addition, this knives sharpener is quite clean as well, with a magnet keeping all the metal shavings in one easy to clean spot.

Overall, this electric knife sharpener doesn’t have the most detailed features, but if you are looking for a cheap, easy to use sharpener, this one works well enough.

Reviews have been quite positive. Many say that this is a high quality budget sharpener, giving you the best electric knife sharpener experience for the price. Criticisms center around its grindy motor or it feeling cheap, but even so, that is in the minority. With a cheap electric knife sharpener, you do get what you pay for, but in this case, what you get is still good.

It’s great if you’re on a budget, but of course, there are other budget sharpening tools as well. You don’t need to buy this one necessarily. The next one on this list is also a good consideration, and it is the…

#5: Chef’s Choice 250 (Best Budget Three Stage)

If you want a Chef’s Choice knife sharpener that won’t break the bank, this is a good one to buy. This knife sharpener has three stages and uses diamond abrasives for your serrated blades. It’s a good knife sharpener if you have a variety of knives. It’s pretty much the second one on this list, diamond abrasives and all, but at a cheaper price. So if you want #2 on this list, but you can’t afford it, this easy to use sharpener may be your best bet.

Most of the reviews say this knife sharpener works well, giving a sharp knife every time. The ability to get a cheap, yet powerful diamond abrasives knife sharpener for serrated blades is quite appealing, after all. One criticism of the product is that it requires some practice to use.

This applies to most electric knife sharpeners. When you buy one for the first time, read the manual and use some knives that you’re okay with damaging or breaking. This way, you can get enough practice to work on the more expensive knives in your collection.

Overall, this is a good knife sharpening tool if you want a nerfed version of the higher quality Chef’s Choice products out there. And with that, these are the top 5 sharpeners. Now, let’s look at some cheaper ones.

What About the Cheapies? Our Best Products Under $X

Electric knife sharpeners that are extremely cheap can be a little hit or miss. If you’re looking for a cheapie, you probably want to make sure your knives aren’t valuable. However, these three are quite cheap and may be worth looking at.

#1 Best Under $30: Smith’s 50005

First, we have this one. It doesn’t have anything fancy going for it, but it has a score of 4 out of 5. Some people found it works great for the money, and others say it’s junk. Take the risk and see if it’s for you. However, there are better knife sharpeners for a little more, so that’s also something to consider as well.

#2 Best Under $25: Hamilton Beach

This is a nice little electric knife sharpener. It’s small, has two stages, and it even has good reviews. For a casual knife-wielder, we say this is worth the price. Check it out and see if it’s for you. Out of the three on this mini list, we say that this is probably the best, but it’s still not that amazing if you’re looking for an electric sharpener to last you for a while.

#3 Best Under $15: Sruier

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If you’re looking for the cheapest electric knife sharpener, we believe that this is it. It claims to be professional-grade and the price is tempting. However, it does have mixed reviews, with many saying that it’s junk. Of course, for that price, you may get lucky. It is one of those electric sharpeners that you may find on Wish, but sometimes, Wish can work just as well.

Are these really better than… regular knife sharpeners??

If you’re looking for a knife sharpener, your two choices are manual and electric. Think of it like pencil sharpeners. Some people say that electric is the way to go, as it helps automate the process and gives you that perfect cut. Others say that the electric sharpener can damage your blade and that it doesn’t give you that precise cut. When you see a heated debate, you may be on the fence about which one is the best. So let’s compare.


A manual knife sharpener has a few advantages over the electric. First, the price. If you see an electric sharpener for ten bucks, run away. Meanwhile, a manual knife sharpener for ten bucks can work just fine.

The manual knife sharpener is also much smaller and easier for you to store. If you live in an extremely small space, you may be better off with a manual. With that said, there are more compact electric sharpeners as well.

One of the advantages of a manual is that you’re in control. For some people, it’s more of an emotional reason. They like being able to feel the knife sharpening and like doing it with their own hands. For others, there is more of a logical reason. An electric knife sharpener can be quite aggressive, and it can damage your blade if you’re not careful. While reading the manual and practicing can prevent that, some people don’t like the hassle and they just go with a manual.

Finally, a manual is also better for a touch-up. If you need to rework your knife from the ground up, an electric knife sharpener may be good. However, for a small job, go with a manual.


Now, let’s make the case for the electric knife sharpener. After all, this is an article about electric knife sharpeners. These are becoming more popular, especially in recent years, as they become more advanced. They require less effort, giving you the ability to sharpen your knife quickly and easily.

Many electric knife sharpeners are preset, which means they will guide your knife and sharpen it at the perfect angle. There is no guesswork or calculating for you to do. Just put it in the sharpener and let the knife do the rest.

Finally, the electric knife sharpener is good for all types of knives. American, Asian, serrated blades, and any other type can be sharpened to perfection. You don’t have to relearn how to sharpen a knife if you get a new one. The sharpening process is so easy.

In addition, the electric knife sharpener is always improving. Their reputation as being blade damaging machines was true a while ago, but with modern knife sharpeners, the sharpening process is done to a T, and you don’t have to worry about the sharpener ruining your knives forever.

So both have their pros and cons. Since manual knife sharpeners are quite cheap, we say to buy a manual in addition to the electric. This way, you can have the best of both worlds. But to answer your question, we say that yes, most of the time, the electric sharpener is better, especially if you get a higher-priced one with more features and control.

Do electric knife sharpeners wear out?

Any electric device is going to wear out with time. However, most knife sharpeners are built to last for years. When selecting the best electric knife sharpeners, always make sure they have a good warranty. It should be for a few years. Besides, by the time your old electric sharpener has kicked the bucket, there will be a new one that is even better than the original.

It should be mentioned that the diamond abrasives in brands such as Chef’s Choice are built to last a long time, and you should be able to get a replacement should you need one.

How do you use an electric knife sharpener?

With any sharpener, two stage or otherwise, you should always read the manual. While electric sharpeners have a similar design, some of them have differences, and if you don’t read the manual, you may risk damaging your blade. With that said, here’s a general guide on how to do it.

Stick the blade in the sharpener’s slot. You should read the manual and make sure that the slot is appropriate for how you want to sharpen the knife. For the knife’s heel, press it down as far as you can so it touches the grinding stone. Through its tip, pull as slow as possible. As for the sharpening angle, it should be at a 15-20 degree angle.

The knife sharpener should set the sharpening angle for you automatically as you pass the blade. Pass it twice, and no more. Electric knife sharpeners only need a couple passes. After you’re done, move to the next stage and pass it again.

When you are done, rinse and let the knife dry. Most electric knife sharpeners use a magnet to collect any shavings left over, but it is a smart move to clean it off regardless.

But as we said, always read the manual. Too many people don’t read the manual and then give the sharpener a 1-star review because it ruined their knives. Don’t be that person.

Are electric knife sharpeners any good?

With an electric knife product, it depends. The cheap sharpeners are hit or miss, while the mid-range to expensive are good. With any electric device, every generation improves the machine, making it even better. The electric sharpener has been around since at least the 1950s, with old units being bulky and not having that precise sharpening angle that later ones have.

In order to find out if a sharpener is any good, your best bet is to read the reviews. They should give you some insight into the pros and cons of the electric sharpener. Read all sides before you make your purchase, and then you should have an electric sharpener for your needs.

Verdict: Your Best Electric Knife Sharpener 

And there you have it. We looked through many sharpeners and these were the ones that made the cut. Get it? Okay, bad jokes aside, let’s summarize the top five for those who need a refresher, or for those who skipped to the end. (Don’t feel bad, we all have done this.)

First, we have the Presto 08810. For us, this is the perfectly balanced sharpener for those who want a mix between value and quality. It can sharpen most knives quite well and it’s versatile in what it does. While there are more advanced out there, if you’re looking for a decent sharpening device, we feel this one is a good starting point.

Second, there’s the Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV. This one has the most features and gives you the most precise cut. It has that perfect sharpening angle that’s perfect for American, Asian, or serrated knives or serrated blades. It’s the perfect one, but it’s quite expensive. As a reminder, there is a two stage version that is a third less than the original.

Third, we have the Work Sharp. This is good if you have a workbench and you need a sharpening machine for knives or any other tool. It gives you the most control and is made for the biggest variety of tools. However, this one is not meant for the kitchen, so it’s for a particular niche. It can sharpen kitchen knives, but it may be too bulky and look odd for your kitchen. If you have a workbench, check it out.

Fourth, there’s the Edgekeeper. This is a budget knife sharpener. While it doesn’t have the most features, it’s competent at what it does. If you have normal kitchen knives, it will sharpen them well enough. There isn’t much to say about it other than it has the edge on other sharpening tools for that price.

And finally, we have the Chef’s Choice 250. This is a cheaper version of the Trizor XV. It has diamond blades and is good for serrated knives or serrated blades. While the Trizor XV is better, this one is good if you want that happy medium.

There we go. These babies will sharpen your knives. With sharpener tools that are electric, the sharpening process is made easier. With that said, always follow the manual and read up on the electric knife sharpening process before you buy it. Make sure you know about 20 degree angles, how to handle serrated knives, and everything else that goes along in the knife sharpening process.

Anyway, check out these electric sharpeners and see if there is one that works the best for your knives. We hope you end up having knives that have more edge to them than that poetry you used to write as a teen. Anyway, goodbye for now.

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