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Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day - Childhood Cancer AwarenessI was doing a search today about Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day and found this gem from 2014 – we LOVE it when you share about this day!  We invite you to spread the word as well!

Just heard about the Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day today.   It is in honor of a little girl who died of cancer and is celebrating her 13th birthday today in heaven.  The day helps to remember the kids fighting cancer or those who lost the fight and are in heaven.    

Here is an article and link to Facebook site:  Malia Grace is a little girl who will be celebrating her 13th birthday in Heaven tomorrow, February 18th. Malia battled pediatric cancer and passed away  a few years ago. One thing she LOVED was having ice cream for breakfast and her family remembered her each year on her birthday by doing just that. Now YOU and your family are invited to do the same thing! Just eat ice cream for breakfast in memory of Malia Grace and all those children who are battling cancer, surviving cancer or resting in Heaven with their Savior. Be sure to like Malia Grace’s Facebook page, invite your friends to do the same and post a pic on Malia’s page.

So, eat ice cream for breakfast today…….and give your kids an extra hug and love!

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By eating #icecreamforbreakfast, we honor all children who have fought or who are fighting a battle with cancer, because #kidsgetcancertoo, join us on Feb 18.⁠

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